Preliminary Strainers



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Preliminary Strainers

Preliminary strainers are designed for preliminary filtration 
of coarse particles.


  • Protection of pumps, valves, water supply lines, etc.
  • Pre-treatment filters for granular media filters (e.g. in swimming pools, recycling systems etc).

Construction Materials

  • Filtering Element
    The filtering element is a perforated, stainless steel sheet (hole size: 1 to 3 mm) shaped like a basket or omega form cylinder.

  • Filter Housing
    The filter housing is made from plated carbon steel, epoxy-coated and rubber-lined, or from stainless steel. The filter is equipped with a drain valve. Special products for high-temperature, high-pressure or highly corrosive atmospheres are also available.


Maximal operating pressure: 8 bar.
Extra high-pressure filters are also available.






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